• Assign doors and users into groups

  • Monitor various sensors

  • Lock an entire group or all doors in a single click

  • Role based security for both physcial and computer access

Aviation-IMPACT™, built from the foundation of CRITSEC®, is for any airport that needs an advanced, real-time access control system. Able to easily control, find, monitor, and handle thousands of users without dampering performance means the solution can work for the largest airports.

Built around proven IT security methods and equipment ensures that your data is secured in transit and at rest. All comunications between client and server is encrypted to prevent sniffers and tampers from reading or tampering with configuration settings,

Make administration easy with role based access control, not only for your computer network, but for physical access as well. Make sure it's only traffic controllers getting into the air traffic control tower, and be able to verify this with simple to read configuration screens.

Did an employee lose his access card? No problem. You can instantly shut down the card from gaining access anywhere by navigating to the user and disabling the card. Cards are linked to a user profile to prevent having the administrator or the employee from having to memorize a card number, easier than manual record keeping, and allows for identity based logs.


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