• Role based access control for physical and computer access

  • Add-ons for various sensors

  • Capable of 5 year data retention (or more)

  • Secure data in transit and at rest

Chem-IMPACT™ is an advanced access control system based on CRITSEC® that will ease the administration of access control. Identity centric, Chem-IMPACT™ lets you keep track of where a user has gone throughout your entire infrastructure.

The system is powerful enough to handle thousands employees and keep a five year (or more) data retention policy to help you pass any audit that is required.

Add-ons for sensors can be incorporated into the system to have a central log reducing your equipment cost and makes log correlation easy.

The role based access control makes it easy to grant users the appropriate access permissions keeping your receptionists, visitors, or any other general personnel out of your restricted areas.


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