• Manage your building and computer security from a handheld/phone
  • Query and disable privileges
  • View and control your building cameras with the touch of a finger
  • Receive instant alerts to your phone, faster than SMS
  • Audit the systems latest events such as door access
  • Only authorized users on authenticated devices may connect
  • Secure RSA encrypted communication to keep company data secure

PDF Mobile-IMPACT Data Sheet

Built to be light but powerful, Mobile-IMPACT™ is capable of doing many of the tasks as the full CRITSEC® or other IMPACT™ series products from a handheld device or Pocket PC allowing you to travel without the need for a laptop. Using the proven power of Windows Mobile, you can connect securely to your CRITSEC® access control system to manage a users Active Directory permissions or their door permissions.

You can also view what is happening through your facility by connecting to your camera. By simply sliding your finger across the screen, you would be able to control your PTZ camera to change where you are looking.

If you are off site and find out that an employee was terminated, you can log into your IMPACT™ based access control system, including CRITSEC®, and terminate all of the users permissions; locking them out of their computers and denying door access.


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