Security Tools Demo

About the demo

The demo will give you a one week trial that allows full access to the program. The one week period starts from the moment that you download the demo license file, not when you first run the application. The demo is locked to your phone; it cannot be transferred to another phone/device. After you click download, a license will be generated for you, this can sometimes take a minute, but please don't refresh your browser or click back, just wait for the Save File dialog. Also, do not use a download accelerator, they tend to try and download the page instead of the license.

We need your Device ID

Please download the program and run it once. If you don't have the program installed, download it from here. The program will give you your Device ID which you can place into the text box below. This will then generate you a license for your device. Be sure to enter the Device ID exactly as shown, otherwise your license will be invalid. Move the downloaded license file to the Security Tools installation directory and restart the Security Tools program (if it is running).

Device ID:


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